Where Have You Been

Rihanna  - Where have you been

Let me break this down in wildlife form for you...
Just like crocodiles, they come to surface of the water looking for prey. All you see is their platelike scales on their back, tail, and their nose & eyes creep above the water as they are within their striking range. They drift slowly across the surface on the look out for any predators, i.e. human beings-or in this scenario-a lover; without being seen. Crocodiles are usually independent hunters, sometimes a bunch of of these reptiles gather around to herd their prey (fish).
How do I know? The platelike scales on her body are dark olive to gray. In this location, she favors an estuary or swamp to call her own location. According to the animal-like clothes, accessories and animal hide, location of this animal seems to be in Africa. Zebra on the floor, Crocodile skin (faux).
Next, she becomes a Zebra(Burchell's-to be more specific to the wide zebra print) warrior on the savanna. She dances the way a stallion zebra fights for a mare, by fiercely kicking from side to behind her.
As far as animal-like qualities go, let the spirit embody your soul and take over your mind!!

-Love her music and this choreography is fearless

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